Marine Design Corporation


January 29, 2015

Marine Design Corporation’s Mike Clesceri is proud to announce a sponsorship deal with Bob Noble, Jr. of STIHL Offshore Racing for the 2015 Race Season. Noble said, "After speaking with Jason Saris of Team Saris Offshore Racing, it was apparent that DriveGuardian improved the reliability of their drives in the 2014 season. The lack of wear and pitting on their gears using DriveGuardian in 2014, compared to the 2013 season without DriveGuardian were very impressive."

DriveGuardian is a patented torque limiting clutch that eliminates the torque spikes that occur when a boat hits a wave and the propellers catch air and then re-enter the water. Removing these torque spikes greatly improves the reliability of the entire drive train, including the propellers, gears shafts, U-joints and damper plates.

STIHL Offshore Racing will also be utilizing MDC's latest product, DriveSync for the 2015 race season. Leveraging a microprocessor to monitor the drive trim, DriveSync synchronizes the drives every time the throttleman presses the both button. DriveSync ensures the drives are always even and allows the operator to focus on trimming the boat for optimum performance instead of adjusting for trim pumps that don’t operate evenly.

About STIHL Offshore Racing: Owner/driver “J.R.” Noble and team have earned an impressive record of three SBI National Championship Titles and 1 SBI World Title since their inception in July of 2011. More information can be found at

About Marine Design Corporation: CEO & Founder Mike Clesceri is focused on improving the reliability and safety of offshore powerboating. More information can be found at


April 2, 2015

As a boat owner, properly maintaining your sterndrives is a must. But maintenance alone cannot eliminate the threat of failure, especially when running twin 1550hp engines. Just ask Keith Holmes of CK Motorsports, driver/owner of Cat Can Do Racing. “We pay special attention to the Mercury Racing SSM V1 drives on our 40’ Skater race boat, or we find ourselves quickly out of races,” commented Holmes the 2014 APBA Extreme Division OPA National and World Champion. “That’s why when Marine Design Corporation contacted us with the DriveGuardian solution, I was quick to jump, especially as we re-vamped our ultimate Sterling Performance Engines to 1700hp with over 1400 pounds of Torque for the 2015 racing season.

Marine Design Corporation’s Mike Clesceri is proud to announce a sponsorship with Keith Holmes and CK Motorsports for the 2015 Race Season. “We want to see Keith take home another championship and we are excited to work with such a top notch team.” Mike is an avid offshore power boater, with offices near Chicago, Illinois. “Chicago has a very short boating season so when a drive breaks, our boating time is really impacted. Plus, the cost of repairs can add up quickly and be very frustrating.”

Mike turned his frustration into a patented drive protecting product and launched Marine Design Corporation. “We installed the very first DriveGuardian on our boat in 2013. We were finally able to run the boat in just about any water and experienced our first season ever without a drive repair bill! Of course, the fuel bill was definitely higher, but that‘s okay! We also had several race teams running them last season with great results.”

DriveGuardian is a patented torque limiting clutch that replaces the stock drive coupler or damper plate. DriveGuardian reduces the torque spikes that occur when a propeller catches air and then re-enters the water. Our testing has shown that the torque spikes can be 2-4 times the peak torque of the engine. Removing these torque spikes has been proven to increase sterndrive reliability. DriveGuardian versions are available to fit nearly every engine/transmission/drive combination.

“We are excited to experience the DriveGuardian protection,” commented Keith. “Not too many products live up to it’s hype. We expect this one to exceed our expectations. We use products that increase time on the water, improve safety, and keep our repair cost down. We look forward to our CK Motorsports mechanics installing DriveGuardian on boats we service.”

You can catch the Extreme/Unlimited Cat #19 as it participates in the OPA/OPGP series of Offshore Races. As of now, the Cat Can Do Racing4Paws schedule includes the Lake Race (June 5-7, Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.), Chase Charity Powerboat Event (June 12-14, Muskegon, Mich.), St. Clair River Classic (July 24-26, St. Clair, Mich.), International Powerboat Race (Aug. 7-9, Port Huron, Mich./Sarnia, Ontario) Detroit River International Powerboat Championships (Detroit, MI) Fort Myers Championships(Oct 2-4 Fort Meyers Beach,FL) OPA World Championships Englewood Beach Waterfest (Nov 18-22 Englewood,FL).