Marine Design Corporation

Team Clesceri

We are avid offshore power boaters, just like you.  We raised our children going boating every weekend, and even after 24 years we all still enjoy it. Illinois has a very short boating season, and when we used to break drives, we could easily be out for the rest of the season…not to mention the financial expense of replacing a drive, and lost quality time with our family. 
So during those long winter months, Mike started thinking about how to avoid breaking another drive. Since driving it gently and only on the calmest of days was really not an option for us, he invented DriveGuardian. We installed the very first DriveGuardian at the beginning of the 2013 boating season in our own boat, and drove it like it was meant to be driven. Any water, any time, and FAST.
Summer of 2013 was our first season ever without a broken drive!  Of course, the fuel bill was definitely higher, but that ‘s okay!
Ask us how we can help you stop breaking drives, so you can spend your entire season on the water, too!