Marine Design Corporation

DriveSync Sport Edition

DriveSync Sport Edition expands on the increasingly popular product line by offering additional features to assist in safely operating an offshore performance boat.  As in previous versions, the system will monitor the drive/shaft positions each time the operator adjusts the trim and then ensures that they stay perfectly even.  Eliminating the need to monitor the drive indicators and making manual adjustments removes a distraction and allows you to focus on driving.

Two key features are included in Sport Edition; the first is the addition of two easily programmable presets that the operator can activate with the push of a button.  Typically, one position would be with the drives at their neutral position and the second slightly below.  However, they can be easily re-programmed to any position required.  Having the ability to accurately move the drives to a known position eliminates the need to rely on reading the indicators to manually find the “sweet spot” and eliminates another distraction.

The second feature that is unique to Sport Edition is the incorporation of a GPS receiver that allows the system to be programmed to return the drives to a preset, and safe, trim level whenever the boat exceeds a predetermined speed.  This allows the operator to focus on driving and reduces the risk of being over trimmed at high speeds.  Optionally, the system can deactivate the trim UP buttons to prevent any accidental movement of the drives that could cause an issue at high speeds.  The two preset recall buttons remain active so the operator can move the drives  within the programmed window.

Let DriveSync Sport Edition make driving safer and easier with just the push of a button!

DriveSync Sport Edition:  $1,895.99