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Operating a multi-engine offshore powerboat can be a little overwhelming at times.  That’s probably why offshore racing is the only motorsport that requires two drivers. Most offshore boats have an engine trim button built into the throttle lever handle.  We all know that the drives rarely stay perfectly even using just the BOTH/ALL button on the throttles.  Having them offset can impact handling, and can be dangerous at high speeds.  So that after a couple of moves we are all reaching to the dash to try and even them out.   Over and over again.

DriveSync monitors the trim for twin and triple engine boats, so when the operator presses the BOTH/ALL button, it will automatically adjust the drives to be in perfect alignment, every time.  You will never have to worry about how accurate your mechanical trim indicators are because DriveSync will always move the slowest drive to match the others.  There are no extra buttons or complicated operating instructions, just push the BOTH button and DriveSync does the rest.

If, for some reason, you want one drive to be at a different trim then push that drive’s trim button and it will move just as it always has.  DriveSync will re-align the drive trim the next time you push the BOTH/ALL button. 


Just drive!

DriveSync is $895.00 for 2 Engines Sync Only

DriveSync is $595 for 1 Engine with 4 Presets

Diagnostic Kit $94.95

Keeping them in line...