The team runs a 32’ Cobra that is approximately 8,500lbs with 650HP Saris Racing Engines and Bravo XR Drives, IMCO -2 lowers and 4-blade BBlades Props.  They installed DriveGuardians for the 2014 season using the SAME props, SAME engines and SAME drives as 2013.  In 2014 the team ran five races that included some very rough open ocean events and unlike 2013, there was ZERO pitting of the teeth on the upper gear sets!

With nothing more than changing the gear lube the team ran the 2015 AND 2016 race seasons for a total of twelve races on the same upper and lower gear sets!  The gears showed zero signs of pitting and have since been reinstalled in the drive.  Proof positive that DriveGuardian eliminates the torque spikes and significantly improves sterndrive reliability.

“Fantastic results and DriveGuardians have made our Bravos withstand the abuse” -Jason SarisTeam Saris Racing

2015 & 2016 -12 Races with DriveGuardian

Marine Design Corporation

2014 - Five Races with DriveGuardian

2013- Three Races with Stock Coupler

Team Saris Racing