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Bravo Anti-cavitation Cap

About the Bravo Anti-cavitation Cap

A revolutionary solution to a long-standing issue facing many performance boaters with Bravo style drives. In our never-ending search for top speeds, we install shorty drives with high X dimensions trying to chase a big number. While these upgrades frequently increase top speeds, they commonly lead to frustrating challenges just trying to get the boat on plane. Top speed numbers are great, but struggling to get on plane without your family and friends having to huddle in the front cabin is just not fun.

Identifying the Issue

MDC’s Bravo Anti-Cavitation cap is a simple solution to a complicated problem. After researching the issue, with the help of one of our dedicated customers, we discovered that the propeller is cavitating because it is also drawing in air through its hub, and not just from the surface, as most would believe. When you hit the throttles to get on plane, a low-pressure area is generated by the propeller as it tries to push the boat forward. Being that water is about 800x denser than air it is easier to just pull air through the hub and from the surface than move the water. The direct result is cavitation.

Having a high X dimension / shorty lower just exacerbates the issue by making it even easier for the propeller to pull air from the surface and increasing the air that was already being pulled in through the propeller hub.

Bravo AC Cap new1.jpg
Bravo AC Cap new.jpg


  • Bravo Anti-cavitation Cap  -- $99.99

The Solution

MDC’s Bravo Anti-Cavitation Cap blocks the source of the air that is being pulled through the propeller hub. Cleverly designed, and easily installed, the Cap fits over the thru-hull exhaust input for the drive. Obviously, this system will not work unless you have performance thru-transom exhaust, and no captain’s choice. Installation is easy and does not require removal of the drive. The system has been tested on numerous boats that had issues coming on plane, and every one of them not only saw significant improvement, they no longer require any special efforts to get on plane. So, instead of swapping out your shorty and losing speed just to be able to get on plane with your family and friends onboard, just install the MDC Bravo Anti-Cavitation Cap and go boating

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