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HP Coupler

About HP Coupler

Marine Design Corp has once again raised the bar. MDC has developed an innovative new Bravo or Imco drive coupler.

This coupler is rated to 1200 horsepower and best of all, it is rebuildable. Gone are the days of throwing out your coupler when it has spun or you’re just not sure how much life it has left. The MDC coupler has two indicator marks which can be seen by removing the drive and looking through the gimbal bearing. when the indicator marks are no longer aligned it is time to be rebuilt, no more guess work.

This stout coupler uses two replaceable polyurethane inserts to reduce the shock transferred into the drive. The inserts are field serviceable so the coupler does not need to be shipped away to be rebuilt. 

The center spline section of the coupler can also be replaced as well if it has become worn.

Finally a coupler that can take the horsepower that you have always dreamed of putting in your boat!


  • HP Coupler -- $1599.99

About HP Coupler Rebuild Kit

Includes 2 Polyurethane dampeners and one splined hub.

Used on 221-1022 Drive Couplers ONLY!


  • HP Coupler Rebuild Kit - $499.99

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