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Digital Trim Indicator

About Digital Trim Indicator

Mayfair electronics by Hardin Marine and Marine Design Corp have teamed up to bring the new generation of the Heads-Up indicator system to the marine industry. This new conversion system will replace your push-pull cables that have lots of slop due to the cable functionality .

This new conversion system will utilize the Mayfair 0-5 volt stainless steel potted sender or the Mercury 3-wire trim sender. The custom design and proprietary software controller that drives the highly engineered, electric drive motor assemblies will mount in the same location as your push/pull cables.

With this new conversion you will have a true accurate reading on your indicator sticks. The software will auto retract the heads up indicator sticks to a down position when you turn off your ignition.


When the ignition is turned back on the indicator stick will automatically return to the position the drives or tabs were left at.


Pair this system with the Drive Sync option of Marine Design you will always have your drives sync together for ultimate efficiency.


  • Digital Conversion Kits for Heads Up Trim Indicator - $ 995.99

  • Four Stick Electronic / Digital Heads Up Trim Indicators - $ 2,499.99

  • Three Stick Electronic / Digital Heads Up Trim Indicators - $ 1,999.99

  • Two Stick Electronic / Digital Heads Up Trim Indicators  -  $ 1,599.99

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